Accessories and spare parts

Everything is inspected and tested in the factory before being shipped

In addition to its productions, Charlatte can complete its offer with accessories to assist the tank's operation and the correct regulation of your water network.
An important element for the durability of our materials is knowledge of the water level and pressure management. Depending on the level of precision required by the customer, these can simply be appliances for visual readings or more sophisticated appliances for remote reading, with management of thresholds. For practical and safety purposes, we can supply units, ladders and platforms to reach points which are difficult to access and carry out tank inspections.
Our mechanical engineering department will integrate these materials into the tank plan, depending on the information you provide: distance from floor, access, height, restrictions, etc. It goes without saying that we have the necessary spare parts in stock, on demand. Note the tank number indicated on the manufacturer's plate or on the technical documents submitted with the tank.



 Charlatte has its own simplified levelling system which functions with a ball or isolation valve.


 For a more accurate and reading, possible remotely via a transmitter, fitted between flanges.


 In the technology era, analogue readings are increasingly common, allowing on-site and remote reading all over the world.


Depending on which tank model you have, you may need a compressor for pre-charging at the time of installation, or you may need to confirm the network pressure for the tank to work properly.


 Ladders are made to measure and adjusted to your tank and to the constraints of your environment.


 We can extend our tanks to reach your network connection (valve or pipes).


 Patented by CHARLATTE, they are made in material suitable for the fluid contained in the tank.

Request the bladder assembly-dismantling instructions.


 Valves, pressure gauges, throttles, seal kits, etc., everything to ensure the tank works properly


 It is important to choose the right packaging for the means of transport for the material, to ensure it arrives safely at its destination: from the SEI3A crate to the SEI4A-B-C closed case, pallets, trays, cradles, etc., everything is made to measure.