Bespoke range

We can meet your specific requests

In addition to our standard range, we can supply any tank in compliance with your specifications. We can thus meet your specific requests:

- construction code other than CODAP: ASME, BRITISH STANDARD, AS1210, etc. Approved by external inspection bodies
- painting: from a simple colour change to a full painting system, a new coat, a specific brand of paint, etc.
- material: steel or stainless steel, approved for pressure appliances
- volume, diameter, pressure, etc.
- adjustment of plans from the standard range: accessories, branching, outlet, etc.
- surface treatment: ebonite lining, lagging, etc.

When we receive your request, it will be processed by our sales division, which after a feasibility study will send you an offer.


If you accept this offer, you will then validate a personalised and coded plan to start production.