Our after-sales all over the world

  • An omnipresent after-sales division

    On the strength of its experience and with perfect technical knowledge of our products, CHARLATTE RESERVOIRS assists its customers on-site to commission the tanks thanks to our technical support service, in France and abroad. This also involves training your agents in the field to ensure that CHARLATTE tanks work properly and over the long-term.

     The importance of the after-sales division in the purchasing decision is critical for technical products like our hydro-pneumatic tanks. This is why our after-sales managers and technicians are the guarantors of the quality and reliability of our products. They undertake to settle all claims related to the operation of our tanks and to answer any questions you may have, wherever you are in the world.

Technical advice on the correct installation and commissioning of our products backed up by documentation and different technical specifications which can be viewed on our website.
On-site technical help and support to commission our different equipment in the best conditions.
Identification and sale of all spare parts making up our products.
On-site support to replace these different parts: bladders, levelling equipment, etc., on all of our tanks.
Technical training courses on-site or in classrooms for the commissioning and maintenance elements of our products, etc.
On-site pressure readings and data acquisition of our water hammer protection tanks to validate their operation and network protection.

 Our agents regularly carry out on-site inspections and preparation work for ten-year reclassification of pressure tanks, within the framework of new European legislation concerning pressure equipment (DESP 97/23 CE). You can view this information and the text of the decree of 15th March 2000. For more information, go to the regulations page.

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