The ministerial decree of 15th March 2000 stipulates the frequency of inspections and reclassifications for hydro-pneumatic accumulators with PS.V exceeding 200 bar.l and maximum service pressure exceeding 4 bar. These inspections and reclassifications must be carried out at the operator's request. Appliances and accessories must always be in a good condition. The owner must clean, repair and make necessary replacements in due time.
  • Procedures

    INSPECTION consists in an internal and external tour of the equipment once all removable parts have been exposed and a verification of safety accessories as often as necessary depending on deterioration risks. The thickness of the sheet metal must be measured to determine feasibility of the reclassification. For hydro-pneumatic accumulators, inspections must be carried out at least every 40 months. NB: For installations abroad, regulations depend on the country of installation. Refer to the regulations in force in the country concerned.

    RECLASSIFICATION consists in an internal and external inspection and a hydraulic test of the equipment at its test pressure, and a verification of safety accessories, with re-calibration or replacement, and verification of the existence and accuracy of documents associated with the pressure equipment. Reclassification of pressure equipment (hydro-pneumatic accumulators) is compulsory every 10 years. It is validated by an approved body.

You use a pressure tank (booster, anti-water hammer, expansion tank). Therefore, we wish to remind you that your tanks must undergo regulatory inspections every 40 months and reclassifications every 10 years according to applicable legislation.