• Hydraulic surveys
    Define solutions to protect and secure a network.

    Charlatte has its own hydraulic analysis division at its head office, as well as a branch in the United States. Our hydraulic engineers, armed with efficient calculation software, define solutions to protect and secure networks or discharge pipes. It is essential for the tanks to be perfectly dimensioned to function well.

     To analyse your network, we are proficient in a variety of software, such as CEBEL MAIL, SURGE 2010 (KY PIPE), HAMMER, HYTRAN. CHARLATTE learns the ins and outs of its products as soon as they are designed and is thus able to offer expertise to its customers. Our engineers work closely with the main consultants all over the world on numerous projects and are available to develop all of your current and future projects with you.

  • Design - Engineering department
    Product improvement and R&D.

    The Design - Engineering Department is in charge of improving existing products and researching and developing new products. Upstream, calculations of the thickness of metal sheets are made using in-house software to create very accurate cost estimates, and descriptions of tanks are produced to give customers more information when it comes to choosing their products depending on different operating and positioning constraints.

     Once the order has been made, supporting, opening reinforcement and fastening calculations are made using our software depending on different calculation codes and manufacturing codes, such as CODAP, ASME (American), AS1210 (Australian) and PD5500 (British). Then, full manufacturing plans are made using the 3D Creo Parametric software. Note that some specific calculations can be made on request, such as wind loads or seismic loads.

  • Sales division
    The pillar of our company's success

    The sales division is the pillar of Charlatte Réservoirs' success. Through collaboration between the company's different departments, we endeavour to meet our customers' requirements.

     For this, our sales department is constantly in contact with our agents and sales offices all over the world to ensure consistency with our strategies and our overall corporate vision. See our locations.

  • Quality Division
    Customer satisfaction at the centre of the process.

    At Charlatte Réservoirs, we make it a point of honour to satisfy our customers. Confirmed with our long-standing ISO 9001 certificate, our team has set up strict procedures at every step of our business so that every one of our tasks runs smoothly on a daily basis, from the customer bid through to shipping the material.

     Our in-house inspectors are certified with COFREND 2 and ASNT level 2 radiography and bleeding and have access to all the necessary inspection equipment: radiography booth with X-ray station, thickness measuring appliances, etc. Complying with regulations is also a concern for us; therefore we are guided by bodies such as Bureau Véritas, Lloyd’s, etc., to monitor our productions, hydraulic tests and information folders. And because we want to ensure that our growing presence in the world lasts, we are working on obtaining drinkability approvals for our components which come into contact with water (paint and bladder): ACS, NSF, WRAS, KTW, DWI Certificates supplied upon request by writing to

  • Logistics Division
    For a safe journey.

    Logistics is a business in its own right. To offer the right solution, everything is well thought out from the moment the customer consults us: choice of means of transport, optimisation of packing in containers, packaging recommendations. We pull out all the stops to meet Charlatte's commitments by choosing professional national and international transport partners. Other factors to take into consideration are the order's Incoterms, the delivery time-frame requested by the customer and the obligations in the countries of delivery.

     All means of transport are possible: road, sea and plane. Since 2010, Charlatte has been developing river transport from Gron (close to our factory) to arrive at the port of Le Havre or Antwerp. This contributes, on a small scale, to protecting the environment. Charlatte can create solutions for exceptional orders, such as above 63 tonnes, as special dimensions require exceptional convoys.

  • Purchasing Division
    Monitoring suppliers

    At Charlatte Réservoirs, the role of the purchasing division is essential, both for our company and for our customers. This division monitors over time the reliability of its suppliers, based on different criteria.

    Its role is to acquire the goods and services requested by CHARLATTE in compliance with customers' specifications and within required time-frames. As part of our business strategy, we strive to maintain reliable and lasting relations with our suppliers and customers.

  • Production Division
    Be in control of the manufacturing process, from start to end.

    Production in its broadest sense at Charlatte Réservoirs brings all teams of staff together, from the planning-methods division to workshop technicians. It involves expertise, skills and experience applied throughout the manufacturing process to correctly achieve plans approved by the customer in line with specifications. All of our technicians regularly take training courses and have all the necessary welding accreditations. Procedures and self-monitoring ensure product traceability and quality.

    Thanks to continuous investment, we own up-to-date manufacturing resources: lifting machines, welding boom, flame cutter, rolling machine, shot blasting-washing-painting booth, etc.  This allows us to remain in control of the manufacturing process from start to end and to meet customers' requirements in terms of time-frames and specificities. Bespoke production is our strength.

  • After-sales service
    Train your teams and ensure your tanks are working properly.

    Supported by its after-sales service, Charlatte Réservoirs and its technicians can propose:
    - Technical advice on the correct installation and commissioning of our products backed up by documentation and different technical specifications.

    - On-site technical support and assistance to commission these accumulators.

    - Identification and sale of all spare parts making up our different product ranges.

    - On-site support to replace these different parts, replace bladders, levelling equipment, etc.

    - Technical training courses on-site or in classrooms for the commissioning and maintenance elements of our products, etc.

    - On-site pressure readings and data acquisition of our water hammer protection tanks to validate their operation and network protection.

    - Interventions to perform periodical on-site inspections and preparations for ten-yearly reclassification of our pressure equipment

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